PAHL! is powerfully eloquent like Einstürzende Neubauten, brute like Laibach, and unsettling like Lars von Trier.

PAHL! – the electronic art and music project from Leipzig – takes the stage for the first time on September 17th. The project comes to the Kunstkraftwerk with over 1,000 minutes of video footage, aired on 15 projection screens with 1.5 hours of music. Get ready to discover 20 iconic Leipzig locations in a groundbreaking gig that shakes the boundaries of a live concert.

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig.
September 17th 2022.

More than a concert, more than a movie screening and more than an unforgettable theatre play:
1000  Minutes Video footage
+ 100 Minutes Music
+ 15   Screens
+ 5     Artists
= 1     Concert

The music of PAHL! combines symphonic orchestration with electronic sound art. PAHL’s unique voice fascinates with both grace and rawness, while the lyrics expose modern society with a scrutinizing look on technology, the super-rich, Big Data, and the subversion of our reality. 

A premiere. An experience. A challenge. 

Immersive – intense – imaginative.  

Are you ready for PAHL! ?

Limitiert auf 300 Plätze


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PAHL! Ist ein Projekt episch-Industrieller Pop-Musik.



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