„Why am I…? I am tired to search for a reason. I am tired not be able to be alone. I am tired to run away from myself . I am tired to chase moment after moment, to rush from highlight to highlight – driven by unrest and impatience. This is the cause of all  suffering. I am waiting impatiently for my death. Until somebody will show me how to live.”

PAHL! is:

Arousing | Bizarre| Cinematic | Disruptive | Existentialist | Formidable | Gender-Free | Heroic | Industrial | Just | Kind | Liberal | Multinational | Never-ending | Organic |  Philosophical | Qualitative | Radical| Sensual | Transforming | Unforeseeable | Visionary | Wise |  Xenophilous | Yummy | Zealous

PAHL! Philosophy

Seven Assays of World Philosophy:

PAHL! Ist ein Projekt episch-Industrieller Pop-Musik.



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