Epic Industrial Music

is powerfully eloquent like Einstürzende Neubauten.

is brute like Laibach.

is unsettling like Lars von Trier.

is immersive and existentialistic.

are an anchor man, a filmscore composer, a video artist, a philosopher and a neurosurgeon.

The new PAHL! - Video

PAHL strolls around. Alone. Holding to himself. Who else? Through the passages of the city. And transitions of time.

PAHL comes to an halt. Right before the endless nothing. He yells the words of his life into the darkness. They resound and fade. Unheared. 

PAHL reflects about the end. And finality. He questions what will come beyond.

Maybe You?

Follow PAHL through city streets and mountains of fate.

The new song of PAHL – Flaneur. And you will never be alone again.

Thanks to Falk Scheuring (www.hell-zone.de) for the photographies. 

PAHL! live @ Schauspiel Leipzig during the 30. Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2023

Pictures by Pantera Photographie and Talecs Konzertfotografie.


“So there should be always at least one concert to see at Schauspiel Leipzig during Wave-Gotik-Treffen.

This time it was the audio and visual masterpiece of PAHL!
Absolutely unique and impressive” 

(Alex Jung, Monkeypress.de)

PAHL! Ist ein Projekt episch-Industrieller Pop-Musik.



29.11.2024 – Händel-Halle, Halle/Saale

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